Why You Should Take Photos to Market Your Business

Why SHOULD you take photos? Put simply, people love to see and (more importantly) share them. Matter of fact, 87% of photos posted on social media sites like Facebook and Pinterest are interacted with by your potential customers.  Did I mention social media is FREE marketing? I’m going to let that sink in.

Photos are easier to consume than reading a long blog post. They get the point across quickly. I know you’ve seen the cute collage of snow men mason jars with the title “100 Gifts You can fit in a jar”. I didn’t have to read 1000 words to know that I can get 100 gifts that fit in a mason jar. If I’m interested, I’ll click and come to your website THEN I’ll share with my friends and THEY’LL come to your website. BOOM you get a ton of new website visitors, customers and money in your bank account. Ahh the power of pictures.

Speaking of the power of pictures. If you’re target audience (aka ideal customer) is a female over the age of 40, you need to be on Pinterest. Pictures are the lifeblood of Pinterest and the users love sharing them. If done properly, they’ll link back to your website where they can buy your product. I’ll do a whole blog post in the future on how to leverage this for your business. In the meantime, you need photos.

So how do you take good pictures and what type of pictures should you take? If you’re in the western North Carolina area, you’re in luck. Martin Brossman is teaching a class on this at Isothermal Community College in Spindale NC. If you’ve never been in Martin’s class before, you’re missing out. He is dynamic, he is knowledgeable and he will change the way you market your business! This class is May 19th from 6-9pm. It’s free – sponsored by the Small Business and Technology Center. To sign up, register online here or call Dee Spurlin at 828-395-1416.

I’ll be taking his class and I’ll do a follow up post here to share what I’ve learned.