I teach seminars throughout the year through local colleges, art schools and chambers of commerce. To stay up to date, sign up for my email list. I update my schedule regularly. The following is a list of the classes I’m currently teaching. This list will grow throughout the year, so again – join my email list for the latest or follow me on social media!

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2016 Seminars 

Square Online Store

Many business owners are familiar with the Square card reader but did you know Square also offers a free online store? This class teaches you how to use Square’s online platform to sell online with no monthly fee and no setup costs. You’ll also learn how to get a free Square card reader, manage your inventory, invoice customers and integrate online with offline sales.

Google + My Business

The top spot on Google sells for $600/month. What if you could rank higher for FREE? This class shows you how to do that. You’ll learn how to make your Google + My Business page, how to manage it and how to show up higher in search results when customers search for your goods or services.

Marketing with Social Video

Google trends are clear – consumer attention spans are getting smaller and social media is being replaced with “social video”. Video is not the future of social advertising, it’s the present! From live feeds on Twitter or Facebook, to uploading videos to your social media profile and youtube, this class shows the different apps for creating video, how to make videos people will share and the equipment needed to produce high quality social videos. (Hint: It doesn’t cost thousands of dollars and you probably already have it!)

Using Podcasts to Establish Yourself as an Expert

A podcast is your brand’s own “radio show” that customers download to their devices and listen to while driving, exercising or even working in their office. A podcast helps entrepreneurs establish themselves as experts in their fields. This seminar covers the basics of podcasting, the equipment and software needed to start podcasting and how to utilize podcasting in your marketing strategy.

Launching a Successful Email Campaign

Facebook & other social media platforms are great for marketing but THEY control the message your potential customers see. They can delete posts, decide who sees posts and limit the number of times your message is seen depending on how much you pay. The only way to truly manage your message is through direct email marketing. That’s why serious online marketers say “The money is in list!” That’s right – your email list. But it’s more involved than just adding a sign up box on your website. To successfully turn those subscribers into paying customers, you need a strategy. You also need a strategy for getting new sign ups. This class discusses the difference in email marketing providers like MailChimp, how to get new subscribers and how to market to those subscribers in a way that will turn them into paying customers.


Getting Started with Digital Distribution

Ever wanted to make money while you sleep? That’s what passive income from digital products can do for you. This course explores the different types of digital products you can make, how to distribute those products as well as the skills and equipment needed to get started making money with digital products.