What I Do

I specialize in helping entrepreneurs use the internet to get more customers. I do this through building websites using WordPress, SquareSpace, Square and Big Commerce. I setup Facebook, Twitter, Google + and any other social media profiles that work best for your business, then I show you how to use them effectively. If time is an issue, I can also manage your social media, freeing you up to do what you do best. In addition to social media, I can help you setup and incorporate e-mail marketing into your online plan.

Who I Work With

I typically work with rural artists and small business owners who have either limited or no tech skills. They know they need to have a website, Facebook page or other online marketing tool but don’t know where to start. Because they are small businesses, they don’t have the advertising budget of a large corporation. Most are solopreneurs, so time is their greatest commodity. They need to tell the world about their business as cheaply as possible in a way that doesn’t take hours away from running their business. From initial setup to ongoing maintenance, I have a plan that fits your time constraints and budget.

Speaking of Budget…..

Most of my clients don’t have an extra $2,000-$5,000 PER MONTH to spend on online marketing. Believe it or not, that dollar amount is typical when you hire bigger firms (go ahead, Google online marketing services. I’ll wait.).

I’m one person. My laptop IS my office. I don’t have separate office overhead, employee payrolls, benefit packages, cubicles filled with computers or other expenses those big companies have. Therefore, I can charge you less.

So how much is it going to cost you? Every business has different needs, so I prefer to discuss price at our first meeting. You and I will craft a marketing strategy together. You may need all or just some of my services. For a full list of what I offer and the costs, see my price list.

Heard enough? Let’s talk about how I can meet your budget. After all, if my job is to make you more money, I’m paying for myself right?